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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Are Batteries included with GoPro cameras ?

  • Yes and No. The GoPro HD Camera's use a Li-Ion Battery which is included with all HD Cameras. The GoPro Hero Wide, Hero Motorsport Wide and Hero Motorsport (54 degree) all require 2 x AAA Batteries which are not included.

Does the GoPro HD support PAL 25 / 50 fps (frames per second)

  • At this stage no. GoPro are looking to release this option in a firmware upgrade in the future.

How come I cannot see the UPd mode on my GoPro HD. Its in the manual ?

  • There has been a delay in the release of this firmware upgrade. When it is released we will notify you.

Do you ship Internationally ?

  • Yes we can. The additional freight cost will be added to the local cost and will need to be paid for before we can ship. Please contact us to arrange International Shipping.

Are SD Cards Included ?

  • No but we do offer Apacer SDHC Cards - Which is are the worlds fastest SD Card.

Do you offer sponsorship ?

  • We can to competitors competing at a National or International level. Please contact us in writing and forward your proposal to our PO Box.

Can I pick up my goods ?

  • Under exceptional circumstances you can pick up your goods. However we will not refund the freight cost as it requires us to make a trip to our warehouse to collect your products. Please contact us to arrange this.

Do you offer Saturday Delivery ?

  • We can, however your goods will need to be paid for in full by Friday before 10:30am also you will need to have paid for the Saturday Delivery Ticket as well please contact us first to arrange this.

Can I have some GoPro / VisionUp Decals for my Racecar / Bike / Jetski etc ?

  • Yes depending of size these are usually free. However are subject to availability please contact us.

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